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Our course in Cuba is now officially accredited by the Florida Bar Association.

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It is an exhilarating time in US-Cuba relations. Recent changes are generating substantial interest from the business and legal communities in America. As the process of normalized relations continues to move forward irrespective of a new administration in Washington, Americans are visiting Cuba to learn and experience with their own eyes the quickly evolving society, a complex island nation inextricably linked to the United States in historic, geographic and economic terms.

For over 20 years, Scand-America International, Inc (SAI) has organized professional educational tours for a variety of organizations seeking to understand more about this fascinating society and interesting culture.

SAI has created customized itineraries for numerous of educational tours to the island to get an in-depth look at the Cuban legal system while also experiencing a rich assortment of cultural attractions. Collaborating with educational institutions many travelers receive credits for our programs and lectures.

The United States and Cuba have had different ideologies for many years, and we hope you share our philosophy that bringing our legal and business communities together by constructively engaging each other will lead to goodwill, trust and lasting relationships.

An important part of our educational tours is the chance to engage in conversation and experience an honest exchange of views to aid in a mutual understanding of each other’s legal system and culture.



  1. Customized Law & Society Lectures Series – Suggested minimum one lecture per day (evaluate for 1 CLE credit per hour)


Included with every educational travel program, SAI facilitates a customized lecture series from leading contemporary Cuban lawyers, economists, journalists and other professionals. SAI can tailor a lecture series based on your members’ interests or your leadership can select from presentations in the following disciplines or subject areas in Cuba:

  • Rule of Law
  • Foreign Relations
  • Criminal Justice
  • Environmental Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Foreign Investment
  • Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
  • Private Sector Regulation & Tax
  • NGO and International Law Practice


  • Introduction to the Cuban Legal System
  • Civil Society and Cuban Economic Reforms
  • Family Law, Domestic Relations and Gender Equality
  • Freedom of Speech, Economic Liberty and Constitutional Law
  • Review of U.S. Administrative Law on Cuba: OFAC and BIS Regulations


  1. Panel / Roundtable Dialogue with Cuban Attorneys and/or Businesspersons – Suggested

SAI encourages open dialogue formats such as panels and personal discussions concerning subjects such as the practice of law, the rule or law, and other legal aspects of life in Cuban society. At the request of our clients, SAI has previously assembled panels based on age (young attorneys), gender (female attorneys), profession (private sector), and can conduct others for your group.


  1. Private Sector Activities – Daily

Meet and support local businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups within Cuba’s burgeoning private sector. This includes cooperatives, paladares (family and privately-run restaurants) and cuenta propistas (self-employed workers) in a growing number of authorized license categories.


  1. Professional Meeting(s)

Our traveling professionals are permitted to arrange additional site visits or private meetings with public sector offices and/or other individuals when consistent with Support for the Cuban people contact or when the activity is separately authorized under current OFAC and BIS regulations. While SAI cannot guarantee meetings with certain agencies, law firms or ministries, our on-the-ground staff is available to assist with non-confidential communications and scheduling support.


  1. Social Time

Attend a musical performance, sporting event, or other social activity as a group or alongside other Cuban attorneys and professionals for less formal interaction.


  1. Create-Your-Own Activity

Does your association or membership have a particular interest not described above? SAI staff can assist in developing programming or activities tailored to your group’s interest and when necessary evaluate compliance with OFAC regulation.